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RomiTal aesthetic plastic surgery clinic has been founded in January 2000 and is now one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in Ukraine. Our country has always been famous for its talented surgeons and doctors and we at RomiTal has taken the best from our traditions and combined it with the most recent achievements in laser procedures, beauty injection, and cosmetic plastic surgery. This synergy is the stem of our medical excellence and success.

Conveniently located downtown Kyiv, RomiTal has a lot to offer:

  • Top Ukrainian surgeons specializing in different areas of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery
  • Highly qualified medical personnel of all levels
  • Written guaranties of the quality of procedures and the safety of patients
  • The strictest sanitary conditions
  • Safe modern equipment, technologies and materials from the best world-class manufacturers
  • True care about each and every patient

From breast augmentation to face and body lift, to vascular surgery, cosmetology and various laser treatments, every procedure is aimed at achieving best results for you. Certified surgeons, doctors and nurses will make your experience at RomiTal plastic surgery clinic a pleasant and comfortable one. Our staff members constantly work on improving their qualifications through participation in specialized trainings, seminars, professional conventions and symposiums.

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Due to many geopolitical and historical reasons our surgical and medical excellence is at the same time quite affordable. Even with the inclusion of air fares and the cost of stay it is several times cheaper than similar procedures in many other countries.

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We welcome you at RomiTal and we’ll be happy to take care of your needs. We know that plastic surgery is an important step that can change your life. We are here to support you, to take care of you and to help you in every step to your new self.

High quality and low price is not a miracle. At RomiTal it is a reality!

Note! If you decide to visit RomiTal plastic surgery clinic, we can help you with booking tickets to and from Kyiv, as well as hotel accommodation in the appropriate price range.

Kyiv is an old European city with many historical and cultural attractions. We can arrange a city tour and other sightseeing tours during your stay in Kyiv.

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