Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a procedure improving appearance and eliminating cosmetic defects. Sometimes even a small surgery can enormously improve the quality of life in our demanding world. Plastic surgery addresses the human need to look attractive and feel confident.

Nowadays virtually every part of the body can be changed by means of plastic surgery. It is possible to change the shape of nose; remove fat from abdomen and thighs; change the shape and size of breasts; remove wrinkles from face and neck and do a lot more. Though any surgery is a very responsible decision, if you do choose to have a cosmetic surgery, you’ll be able to change any part of your face and body for the better.

Aesthetic surgery develops very fast as demand on cosmetic and reconstructive procedures is growing. At RomiTal we realize how high the standards are and put every effort into providing services up to the world’s best standards. We invest in modern equipment, acquire and develop up-to-date techniques and our staff is without a doubt the best our country can offer. For more information on surgical procedures we offer see the list below.

For more plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures see:

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