Calves correction



Many people for various reasons may need their calves improved or corrected. Having a well-developed and balanced body is important but sometimes attempts to have properly shaped calves can be frustrating. Besides many lower leg deformities cannot be corrected in a non-surgical way.

Bones can be deformed for many reasons and in many different ways, two of which are bow leg malalignment, and X-angulation (bones are curved to the outside in the knee area). In other cases the bones are not deformed but the legs seem to be deformed because of the way muscles and fat are distributed along the leg.


Who may need calf implants?

People with congenital or acquired bone or muscle deformity; people with thin, undeveloped calves, and bodybuilders who want the hard to develop calf muscles
to be in harmony with the rest of the body, may all need plastic surgery to help solve their problems.

Bone deformities cannot be corrected by inserting calf implants and need a more complex treatment, including osteotomy and osteosynthesis. Modern surgery can correct limb disproportion and even lengthen the limbs.


How is calf augmentation performed?

There is a large selection of calf implants of different sizes and shapes fitting cosmetic needs of both men and women. Modern implants are made of silicone.

Calf augmentation with the use of implants is usually performed as an outpatient procedure and takes just about an hour to complete. Either local or general anesthesia can be used for the surgery.

Incisions are made in a natural crease on the back of the knee and the implants are inserted in the pocket above the calf muscles. At the end the stitches are made to close the incisions and hold the implants inside.


What can be achieved by calf implants?

Calf implants make legs appear more shapely and defined. Lower legs appear to be in harmony with the upper legs and the rest of the body. For many people such a change means more self-confidence and higher self-esteem, better attitude to their own bodies. The surgery can be of great help for people with leg deformities acquired through disease or injury. Calf implants can be a part of their victory over the disease, giving a positive impulse for further improvements.

If you have more questions about a calves correction surgery, feel free to contact us.

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