Buttocks augmentation


What is buttocks augmentation?

Modern plastic surgery gives a possibility to improve any part of the body, including buttocks. Buttocks augmentation surgery or butt implants is a great choice for those, who want to have beautifully shaped, firm backside.

With the use of technically advanced implants it is possible to enhance flat or poorly developed buttocks. Such a surgery is the only way not only to correct a flat buttocks area, but also to lift the buttocks in order to balance body features.


Buttocks augmentation with implants

Buttocks augmentation can be recommended to those people who want to improve the look of their backside through lifting and enlarging their buttocks, especially when it cannot be achieved with the exercise.

Buttock implants are made from medical-grade solid silicone or cohesive silicone encapsulated in a silicone bag. They are tougher and more resistant to tear and wear than breast implants.


How is buttocks augmentation performed?

The surgery takes about two hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The incisions are made either where the cheek meets the back of the thigh, or down the buttock crease. Then the surgeon creates a pocket between the fascia (thick, white connective tissue, covering the muscle) and the muscle itself. The implants are placed in the pockets on both buttocks. The stitches are made to connect the tissue to hold implants inside.


What to expect after the surgery?

After the healing is complete the implants do not interfere with any regular activities like walking or sitting. They are firmly fixed and do not need replacement if all goes well. The final result will appear as firm, beautifully shaped buttocks balancing your body.

If you have more questions about a buttocks augmentation surgery, feel free to contact us.

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