Cavitation – ultrasonic liposuction

In the quest for a perfect figure many people are willing to undergo the hardships of plastic surgery. However, the science does not stand still and you may now attain the desired result through less invasive techniques. One of them is ultrasonic liposuction. This invention of Italian scientists became a part of the aesthetic medicine back in 2006. Today, the popularity of this procedure is confirmed by frequent practical use.

Cavitation is a modern aesthetic technique of ultrasonic liposuction that does not require surgery.


Reasons to Use Cavitation

If you desire to look beautiful, but the subcutaneous fat and cellulite become an obstacle, it is the time to become familiar with the cavitation process. This procedure allows reducing the weight effectively without strenuous diets, and helps efficiently get rid of cellulite. After the first procedure you will immediately see the loss of fat. People around you will notice right away that your skin became smoother and more elastic as a result of improved microcirculation and other important processes. If you suffer from adipose growth or have some defects after surgical liposuction, cavitation will help you easily fix these problems.

Description of the Cavitation Procedure

The ultrasonic cavitation procedure requires equipment producing ultrasonic acoustic waves. Their low frequency “melting” action targets the fat tissue.  Watery “cavitation microbubbles” will appear on the targeted parts of the skin. The bubble size depends on the frequency: the lower the frequency, the larger the bubbles, and vice versa. The frequency suitable for the fat cells is 37–42 KHz, which produces the largest number of bubbles. They increase in size and then burst, destroying the fat tissue by releasing an enormous amount of energy. A kind of microexplosion occurs in the fat cells, which causes the fat to be pushed out and excreted from the body (90% of the decay products is excreted through the lymphatic system, and 10% is absorbed into the blood). Note that cavitation does not affect other tissues and cells of the body, because, unlike fat cells they are strong and elastic enough.

Ultrasonic cavitation is based on the same principles as any procedures involving ultrasound. It usually takes 45 minutes. The recommended number of procedures is not more than one in five days. A complete course consists of five to seven procedures. If necessary, one – three additional procedures are performed in four to six months.

Cavitation in Combination with Other Techniques

It is important to note that cavitation is often applied in combination with other procedures, such as: pressure therapy, lymphatic drainage, electrolipolysis (needle lipolysis) and lifting. The result is very similar to the effect achieved through liposuction. These procedures help quickly remove the excess fat through the lymphatic system and blood vessels.  The duration of the three procedures (cavitation, pressure therapy, and lymphatic drainage) is one hour to an hour and a half. A required body area for application is 25х25 cm. Usually after each session you lose 15 cm3 of fat.

Advantages of Cavitation

According to research, ultrasonic cavitation is an effective and safe technique with several advantages over classic liposuction, which involves a scalpel, vacuum pump, anesthesia, injections, and long-time rehabilitation. Cavitation is performed without surgery and does not require anesthesia. After the procedure, you will not see any traces on your skin: no hematomas, rough areas, or pits. This ultrasonic technique will help you get rid of extra six to eight liters of fat without much effort. Even if you gain weight again, due to the cavitation procedure you body will change in a uniform way, and its contours will remain the same. The destroyed fat cells will not be renewed, thus a long-term result is guaranteed.

It should also be kept in mind that moderate physical activity and good nutrition in addition to this technique will make your figure even slimmer and more beautiful.

Medical Contraindications

Cavitation is prohibited for pregnant women, during breastfeeding, and in minors. This procedure is not recommended for people with weakened immunity or serious diseases (blood clotting disorders, renal failure, hepatitis, sugar diabetes, or osteoporosis). Ultrasonic liposuction cannot be applied in the parts of body with wounds.

If the obesity has become pathological, unfortunately, this problem cannot be solved by cavitation and other methods, such as BIB® balloon insertion can be recommended instead.

Cavitation Effectiveness

You will feel significant improvement almost as soon as you start the treatment of extra fat with ultrasonic cavitation. You will lose 15 cm3 of fat as early as after the first procedure, which corresponds to a three to five cm waist reduction. Note that it is more difficult for fat cells to accumulate again in the areas affected by the ultrasonic waves after the decay products have cleared out. In addition to losing extra weight, the cavitation procedure will help you lose extra volume. It is therefore recommended to stick to a proper schedule, a healthy and active lifestyle, and balance your nutrition. In 10 days, the fat deposits in the areas treated by cavitation will be fully eliminated, the blood circulation will improve, and the skin will become more elastic.

Ultrasonic cavitation is a simple and painless procedure that will help you get rid of extra fat.

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