Surgical removal

Varicose veins surgical removal


Introduction to venous surgery

Surgical removal of varicose veins is used when compressive sclerotherapy is already ineffective or the affected veins are too large for any other treatment. The surgery eliminates insufficient subcutaneous veins and small varicose knots. A mandatory prerequisite to its performing is sufficiency of one-way valves of great saphenous vein proved by ultrasonography.


Surgical removal of varicose veins

Modern surgery techniques allow for more effective and less traumatic varicose vein removal due to reduced number of incisions through which the veins are removed. Surgery requires general anaesthesy and is mainly performed on an outpatient basis or in day patient facility conditions. The procedure takes approximately an hour. A short hospital stay is required.


Tests to be taken

The following tests should be taken before the surgery:

  • Doppler ultrasonography of lower extremities vessels (if necessary)
  • Bood group and Rhesus factor
  • Global blood test
  • Biochemical blood test including blood sugar analysis
  • Tests for hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV infection, ECG
  • Thorax rontgenoscopy (fluorography).


After the surgery

A bandage and pressure stocking are applied and must be worn for a week or two. Full recovery from surgery can take several weeks. It is strongly recommended to limit physical activities until complete recovery.



Another surgical method that is used to treat varicose disease of great saphenous vein valves and perforans veins of shank and foot. The operation is a well guaranteed method of varicose veins treatment and prevents its further progress and occurrence of complications (like hyperpigmentation and trophic ulcers). It requires cosmetic stitches and further work on improvement of the cicatrix appearance.

Note! It is necessary to observe all recommendations of the doctor during postoperative period to avoid unwanted complications.

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