BIB System Balloon


A new effective method of excess weight treatment for people who tried various approaches to weight loss and did not succeed, is now offered at RomiTal, a leading laser aesthetics and plastic surgery clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine.

What is BIB® System balloon?

At present BIB® System balloon insertion is the simplest and the most reliable remedy for patients who had already tried conservative treatments and various diets, and also for those who need to lose ten and more kilograms of extra weight. BioEnterics® Intragastric Balloon (BIB® System) is a device used for weight reduction and treatment of morbid obesity.

What are the indications for the balloon installation?

Most often the balloon treatment is used for obese people whose weight is 85-120 kg, and when a patient needs to lose several dozen kilos.

What are the contra-indications for the balloon installation?

Main contraindications are gastric diseases where a foreign body may cause exacerbation. Mainly this is stomach ulcer. Therefore all patients should undergo gastroscopy before the balloon installation.

How can the balloon help lose weight?

BIB® System limits food intake. You will not feel like eating as much as you were used to and you will have to limit fats consumption as it will make you feel sick. The amount of food that you can eat at one time is reduced to 100-150 ml. After that the patient feels prolonged sensation of satiety. Because of the reduced amount of food the number of calories consumed is decreased and you start losing weight. After a while you acquire a new habit of eating less.

How is it inserted?

The surgery is performed under general anesthetic and endoscope control. At the same time it is not really a surgery but a procedure similar to gastroscopy, because no incisions are left after it. You may leave medical facility the same evening after the balloon has been inserted. After installation of the balloon patients always feel satiety.

How much weight can be lost?

An average patient loses 5-10 kilos per month after the balloon installation. Some of our patients lost 20-25 kg during 3-4 months after the balloon insertion. In 6 months the balloon is removed, also under general anesthesia. After that some weight gain may occur (typically 2-3 kg) and patients should limit intake of fats and sweets.

What does the patient feel with the balloon installed?

The most uncomfortable sensations are experienced in the first few days after the installation. You may have a feeling of “overeating”, heaviness in the stomach, nausea. At the same time complete absence or sharp decrease of appetite is observed. In a week or two nausea is abated or vanishes and appetite returns. Usually (but not always) a patient loses 5-7 kg in the first week after the installation. After that low-calorie diet and sport exercises are used in addition to the balloon to achieve further weight loss. The balloon only helps the patient by reducing hunger.

What happens after balloon removal?

The balloon’s  effect differs fundamentally from that of diets and drugs. A sense of hunger that is suppressed in some way is typical for all diets. Therefore the end of treatment in case of most dietary approaches may lead to the opposite effect, when a patient begins to eat more than before. In case of BIB® System balloon installation withdrawal syndrome does not occur after its removal, since you acquire a new psychological habit. The balloon helps you to change your food intake and make it more rational. That is why this method of treatment is the most popular in the world at the moment.

If you have more questions about BIB® System balloon installation, feel free to contact us.

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